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Suddenly you feel....
Psychic attacks Your heart beating so fast, when you enter the Mall crowded with many people that makes you wanting to leave the place the minute you set foot in. You knew you could not enjoy any shopping, as you feel the sudden flood of stress within you...
Psychic attacks A sudden loss of focus and attention when you come in contact with people aggressively arguing...
Psychic attacks Sudden loss of memory. Constantly felt to have misplace items or reports. Cannot even see them even they are there, right before your very eyes.
Psychic attacks Entering a unfamiliar place or hotel rooms feeling a sudden chill, that does not make you want to stay a minute longer
Psychic attacks A sudden drained of energy that makes you feel tired and fatigue after meeting up with someone whom you know or not know that step into your life quickly and left suddenly.


Miracle .... Not only I feel stronger than ever in psychic defense but I feel rejuvenated

Dear Cosmic Bro/Sis

I am replying now to thank you because I wanted to give you news about the result that I was convinced that it would be fruitful.

I just did the whirling and the result was like a miracle. Not only I feel stronger than ever in psychic self defense but I feel rejuvenated.

Appetite has subsided and lost a kilo since yesterday. I feel energetic and had a good night rest.

Last similar feeling I had was in 1986 (was 9 years of age) when I was by the sea.

To be honest I have a background of Kung Fu and Yoga and during the whirling I picked all my Prana and directed it easily. I believe two times a day is too much for me because I still feel the benefit of yesterdays’.

Don’t know why bought as soon as I saw your site I felt peaceful. I rarely buy like that from the internet but I was convinced that I can trust you.

All this benefit for such a small price!!! I will send you my blessing daily for this rapid recovery.

Peace and love be with you

..... Simon


Date :  

Hi My Dear Friend

My name is K Amber. I have compiled this e-book on Self Defense Against Psychic Attacks is to create an awareness that we can become victims of psychic attacks without knowing the adverse hypnotic effects.

Together with my close friend, Ms Kimberly Sage, a very much involved healer and Reiki Master with broad experience over 10 years, arrived with a series of profound proven psychic defense techniques to emphasise the importance and infinite benefits of having these techniques in your life:-

Psychic attack symptoms

Types of psychic attacks

Psychic attack symptoms

Signs of psychic attacks

Psychic attack symptoms

Symptoms of psychic attacks

Psychic attack symptoms

Art of defending yourself from psychic attacks

Psychic attack symptoms

How to stop psychic attacks from psychic vampires from taking your energy without you knowing

Psychic attack symptoms

How to heal and mend your psychic aura from leaking to avoid taking in negative energy


Some of these psychic attack defense techniques in this book are priceless teachings and invaluable help which have been kept as guarded secrets now revealed in this book.

Most of these psychic attack techniques have been used by High Ranking Masters and Gurus in the Chi Qong, Pranic and Martial Arts World to act as a self protection against psychic attacks.

It is important to have clear understanding on what is actually Psychic Attacks :-

What is Psychic Attack?

There are intentional psychic attack and unintentional psychic attack. Both and either of these psychic attacks carry negative energies and will weaken you once being absorbed into your physical, mental and emotional body.

Intentional Psychic Attacks more likely black magic are mental domination deliberately done by high skilled black magicians or sorcerers with the intention of causing hurt. Some of these psychic attacks or black magic spells are reversible and those which are not reversible can lead to death eventually.

Unintentional Psychic Attacks are not intended to inflict harm, but due to your avoidable and unavoidable presence in these negative environment, your aura will unconsciously absorb these negative energies.

 psychic attack protection

What are the symptoms and signs of a Psychic Attack :-

Psychic attack symptoms

significant loss of energy

Psychic attack symptoms

chronic fatigue or getting easily tired

Psychic attack symptoms

difficulty in concentrating or loss of constant focus

Psychic attack symptoms

sleep disturbances

Psychic attack symptoms

irritability and short temper

Psychic attack symptoms

depressed mood

Psychic attack symptoms

excessive anxiety

Psychic attack symptoms

sexual indifference

Psychic attack symptoms

even impaired memory

With prolong psychic attack symptoms within you, will result in poor esteem, lack of insecurity, fear, depression, anxiety and lack of self confidence.

Stronger psychic attacks can lead to severe illness due to energy congestion.

 psychic attack protection

What Are The Types of Psychic Attacks?

Negative Thoughts
Years of belittling remarks projected by your parents or your peers.

Aggressive Thoughts
Unable to control your focus and self thought when being pushed by strong, convincing and persuasive sales people.

Enslaving Thoughts
Irrational actions from sexual bondage leading the person in destroying his family and wealth.

Places Of Negative Energy Fields
Places like mega cities, bars and gaming casino carry aggressive and stressful radiation and unintentionally transmit negative energy.

Negative Programming
To negate you from functioning fully and effectively.

Curse or black magic spells
A curse resulted from a spell or prayer, imprecation or execration, or other imposition by magic or witchcraft, asking that natural force or lower spirit to bring misfortune to someone.

Dolls and Pictures
Usage of dolls, pictures or clothing to create a strong etheric link towards the victim to inflict harm to the physical body.

 psychic attack protection

Uses Of Psychic Attack Self Defense Techniques

There are different uses of psychic self defense

  • To shield you or to act psychic protection against negative thoughts projected at you
  •  Psychic protection against negative energy radiation which is unavoidable
  • To remove or cleanse negative thoughts like anger and stress caused by others in your house or in your office
  • To transmute uneasy energies that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable for you to harmonize with the environment.
  • To stop and replenish your energy level when you meet up with psychic vampires.

psychic attack protection

What is Psychic Vampire?

Do you realize at times after meeting up with a person who is sad or depressed can leaving you feeling drained and tired?

If yes, you have been subjected to a psychic vampire attack. This is done without malice or bad intention as the person is mentally weak or sick.

There is an unconscious flow of energy towards the person to balance up the level has drained you significantly. You need quick psychic protection in these instances to regain your balance, your focus and your zest to avoid dwindling along with them.

In vice versa circumstances, there are times you felt better after relating your problems to a friend. You have unconsciously sucked some energy from him making you instantly feeling better, oscillating back into a positive mode.

 psychic attack protection

Your Psychic Aura

Your psychic aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. This energy field have great influence on your physical life in many ways.

This psychic aura will radiates your thoughts, form an entity and manifest them into reality. The stronger your thought form will allow your psychic aura to hold on to that the thought form for much longer. Hence, a weak thought projects a weak entity and have a shorter life span.

The stronger your focus and your intention, projects a stronger entity and a stronger psychic aura will attract what you manifest in reality in faster mode. This is how the "Law Of Attraction" works.

Now knowing the importance of your aura, you need to consistent clean, clear, balance and recharge your physical body to maintain a strong auric radiatory field.

Now coming to an end of a informative summary on psychic attacks, how will psychic attack self defense techniques help you?

Psychic attacks self defense techniques, once incorporated in your daily life will help you to become happier and joyful as you will be able to cut or shield consciously or unconsciously any negative energy projected at you that obviously will negate you.

With that you often find yourself in a peaceful calm state. Your life path will now be in smoother route with less anger, irritation and anxiety.

You will become more confident and focus and you will able to dig within you to seek the answers you are looking for to make the right decisions without being lead or control by others. You become the Master of your life.

You become more unconditional, knowing that retaliation or revenge is not the answer to your problems.

Improves your spiritual path with increase connection with your Creator and manifesting what is good for you on Earth now gets easier.

 psychic attack protection

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Interesting ways on how to remove unwanted entities, how to create protective shields for your love one to shield them from bizarre accidents.






K Amber 
Self Defense Against Psychic Attacks 


Listen to my friends sharing their experience 

Closing down on Influential and Aggressive Thoughts

Hi, I am James. Just felt skeptical over these techniques. Will they ever work? After purchasing the book, I went out and try out one of the techniques ~ the "Closing Aura Technique" and managed to come home from the Mall without being pressurized into buying something I don't need.

I have consistently applying that technique and I am now able to block out unwanted voices. There is a much increased in my focus and confidence level and I taking actions and making decision to turn my life into better days. This have really got me excited and I am into trying out many other techniques in this ebook.

James Henfield


Unavoidable Mega Cities Stress

Living in New York City, full of stress and anxiety. Everyday ends with me feeling so worn out and tired. I just don't know where all my energy seems to go. After apply a couple of easy techniques in this book, I don't seem to feel that tired anymore. I can accomplish more now.

The breathing technique was so simple and I did everywhere to get my energy level and with the auric shield created every morning, everything seem to go well. Smile..

Heather Simpson


Sensitive Unwelcome Entities

Being sensitive to energy around me, I feel chilly and nervous every time when I enter the store room of my office.

I don't know about you, for instance, at the corner of your eye or a blink, you have a glimpse of a quick white shadow dashes pass you. When you decide to have a strong look, nothing seems to be there.

After apply the space cleansing techniques, I no longer feel it or see them anymore. I am more focus and less afraid going into that room.

Rebecca Steele


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  • Simple, easy to learn and to master psychic defense techniques that are powerful and effective to protect you from intentional and unintentional psychic attacks 
  • How to shield and protect you, your love ones and your assets such as your car etc, cutting out your worries and leaving you with a peaceful mind knowing that is now protected. 
  • How to use crystals to divert the negative energy without you being the diversion target all the time. 
  • How to protect yourself with auric shield that have the power to transmute all the negative energy into love and put an end to any karmic ties. 
  • Physical techniques to clean, clear and energize your aura immediately to maintain your zest and confidence. 
  • Extraction and cleansing technique to diffuse any energy congestion cause by psychic attacks. 
  • Live in unconditional love to have endless peace, joy and happiness and let the Universe takes its course. 



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With Self Defense Against Psychic Attacks techniques:-

Psychic attack symptomsyou will never be afraid of any entity tagging you

Psychic attack symptomsyou will know how to remove any energy congestion that put your body in a high stress level

Psychic attack symptomsyou will know how to create an auric shield daily within short minutes on yourself to protect yourself from high stress areas and people around who are unconsciously projected negative energy. By doing that you will be maintaining your energy level and allow yourself to harmonize without feeling anxious, fear, stress or panic.

Psychic attack symptomsyou will know how to disintegrate harmful thoughts and energy directed at you into love to stop further psychic attacks directed at you and cut any karmic ties.

Psychic attack symptomsWithin seconds, you will be able to close your aura to make yourself less sensitive in crowded places that makes you feel uncomfortable

Psychic attack symptomsWith ADVANCED Self Defense Against Psychic Attacks techniques, you will learn how to program crystals and place them in high stress areas as a diversionary target, to help you maintain your focus and self confident plus repel all negative energies instead of absorbing them unconsciously.

Psychic attack symptomsPhysical and mental techniques - effective and powerful to defend you against any unintentional and intentional psychic attacks, a useful technique to balance, clear and energize your energy vortexes instantly.

Psychic attack symptomsYou know different methods on how to psychically cleanse the place and discourage any uninvited invisible guests to prolong their stay.

Psychic attack symptomsPowerful invocation techniques to shield, protect and clear you from extreme psychic attacks.

Psychic attack symptomsYou will know that retaliation and revenge is unnecessary as unconditional love is the ultimate solution.

Psychic attack symptomsYou will get to understand the attributes and quality of a person of which any psychic attacks can be penetrated. This understanding are not meant for you to make any attempt to perform psychic attack but help you counter defense yourself.

Psychic attack symptomsand many more.....

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